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Episode 59 Emergency Medicine EOR †The Audio PANCE and PANRE Board Review Podcast

The Audio PANCE/PANRE PA Board Review Podcast Welcome to episode 59of the FREE Audio PANCE and PANRE Physician Assistant Board Review Podcast. Join me as Icover ten Emergency Medicine End of Rotation Exam (EOR) review questions from the SMARTYPANCE course content following the NCCPA and PAEA content blueprint (download the FREE cheat sheet). This week we willbe covering ten emergency medicine end of rotation exam questions based on the NCCPA PANCE and PANRE Content Blueprint. Below you will find an interactive exam to complement the podcast. I hope you enjoy this free audio component to the examination portion of this site. The full boardreview includes over 2,000 interactive board review questions andis available to all members of the PANCE and PANRE Academyand SMARTYPANCEwhich are now bundled together into one very low price. You can download and listen to past FREE episodes here,oniTunes, on Google Play Music or StitcherRadio. You can listen to the latest episode, take an interactive quizand download your results below. Members can take Emergency medicine EOR 1 (200 questions) and Emergency Medicine EOR 2 (184 questions) Listen Carefully Then Take The Practice Exam If you can't see the audio player click here to listen to the full episode. Episode 59 - Emergency Medicine EOR Podcast Quiz The following 10 questions are linked to NCCPA Content Blueprint lessons from the SMARTYPANCE and PANRE Board review website. If you are a member you will be able to log in and view this interactive video content. 1. During a baseball game, a 22-year-old college student is hit in the right eye by a baseball. He complains of blurry vision in that eye. On physical exam, the physician assistant notes proptosis of the right eye and limitation of movement in all directions. On CT scan, which of the following is most likely to be seen? A. Fracture of the medial orbital wall B. Prolapse of orbital soft tissue C. Hematoma of the orbit D. Orbital emphysema Click here to see the answer Answer: C. Hematoma of the orbit Orbital hemorrhage into the space surrounding the globe following blunt trauma and rupture of the orbital vessels results in increased ocular pressure, proptosis, visual loss, and limitation of movement in all directions. CT reveals a hematoma. A. Fracture of the medial orbital wall is associated with diplopia from medial rectus impingement, orbital emphysema, and epistaxis. B. Prolapse of orbital soft tissue, including inferior rectus muscle, inferior oblique muscle, orbital fat, and connective tissue results in enophthalmos, ptosis, diplopia, anesthesia of the ipsilateral cheek and upper lip, and limitation of upward gaze and is seen with fractures of the orbital floor. D. Orbital emphysema is seen with fractures of the medial orbital wall or floor of the orbit into the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses respectively. It will not lead to proptosis. Blowout fracturesare covered as part of the NCCPA EENT Content Blueprint which accounts for 9% of your exam. 2. A 29-year-old male presents with a complaint of substernal chest pain for 12 hours. The patient states that the pain radiates to his shoulders and is relieved with sitting forward. The patient admits to recent upper respiratory symptoms. On examination vital signs are BP 126/68, HR 86, RR 20, temp 100.3 degrees F. There is no JVD noted. Heart exam reveals regular rate and rhythm with no S3 or S4. There is a friction rub noted. Lungs are clear to auscultation. EKG shows diffuse ST-segment elevation. What is the treatment of choice for this patient? A. Pericardiocentesis B. Nitroglycerin C. Percutaneous coronary intervention D. Indomethacin (Indocin) Click here to see the answer Answer: D. Indomethacin Indomethacin, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication, is the treatment of choice in a patient with acutepericarditis. A. Pericardiocentesis is the treatment of choice in a patient with a pericardial effusion and cardiac tamponade, there is no evidence of either of these in this patient. B. Nitroglycerin is indicated in the treatment of chest pain related to angina. C. Percutaneous coronary intervention is the treatment of choice in a patient with an acute myocardial infarction. Acute pericarditisis covered theNCCPA Cardiology Content Blueprint which accounts for 16% of your exam. 3. A 19-year-old female presents with a sore throat for nearly two weeks. She complains of fatigue and a low-grade fever. On physical examination, there is cervical, axillary, and inguinal lymphadenopathy, and mild splenomegaly. On review of the blood smear, which of the following would be expected? A. Atypical lymphocytes B. Hypersegmented neutrophils C. Hypochromic red blood cells D. Schistocytes Click here to see the answer Answer: A. Atypical lymphocytes The hallmark of infectious mononucleosis is the presence of lymphocytosis with atypical large lymphocytes seen in the blood smear. These are larger than normal mature lymphocytes, stain more darkly, and frequently show vacuolated, foamy cytoplasm, and dark chromatin in the nucleus. B. Hypersegmented neutrophils are seen in vitamin B12 deficiency. C. Anemia, if seen in mononucleosis, is normocytic and normochromic. D. Schistocytes are noted in hemolytic anemias. Mononucleosis as part of the NCCPA Infectious Disease Content Blueprint which accounts for 3% of your exam. 4. A 30-year-old female complains of fatigue, weakness, diminished appetite, weight loss, and syncope. She denies fever, chest or abdominal pain, palpitations, changes in bowel patterns or sleep patterns. Physical examination reveals a thin female, BP 90/65 mmHg, and pulse 80 beats per minute. Pulmonary, cardiovascular, abdominal, and neurologic exam are without abnormalities. Areas of brown and bronze hyperpigmentation are noted on her elbows and the creases of her hands. Which of the following tests will be the most useful in making the diagnosis? A. Drug screen B. Urine dipstick C. Complete blood count D. Serum creatinine kinase Click here to see the answer Answer: D. Serum creatinine kinase Serum creatinine kinase is the most sensitive test to detect rhabdomyolysis, a serious complication of seizures and hyperthermia related to drug abuse. A. Although a drug screen may identify specific drugs, the results will not alter the care of this patient. B. Urine dipstick is not sensitive for myoglobinuria. C. This patient is at risk for myoglobinuria, and a complete blood count will not alter the treatment. 5. A 15-year-old male was seen last week with complaints of a sore throat, headache, and mild cough. A diagnosis of URI was made and supportive treatment was initiated. He returns today with complaints of worsening cough and increasing fatigue. At this time, chest x-ray reveals bilateral hilar infiltrates. A WBC count is normal and a cold hemagglutinin titer is elevated. The most likely diagnosis is A. tuberculosis. B. mycoplasma pneumonia. C. pneumococcal pneumonia. D. staphylococcal pneumonia. Click here to see the answer Answer: B. mycoplasma pneumonia. The insidious onset of symptoms, the interstitial infiltrates on chest x-ray, and elevated cold hemagglutinin titer makes this diagnosis the most likely. A. Most children with pulmonary tuberculosis are asymptomatic with few physical examination findings. The results of the diagnostic studies do not support tuberculosis as the most likely diagnosis. C. The clinical presentation of bacterial pneumonia in children is variable, but usually involves fever of acute onset. The WBC count is also usually elevated, making this a less likely diagnosis. Mycoplasma pneumonia is covered as part of the NCCPA Pulmonary Content Blueprint and accounts for 12% of the exam 6. Which of the following clinical manifestations is common in candidal vulvovaginitis? A. Extreme vulvar irritation B. Firm, painless ulcer C. Tender lymphadenopathy D. Purulent discharge Click here to see the answer Answer: A. Extreme vulvar irritation Candida infection presents with pruritus, vulvovaginal erythema, and white, cheese-like (curd) discharge that may be malodorous. B. A firm painless ulcer is seen in syphilis. C. Tender lymphadenopathy is associated with bacterial infections and is not a feature of candidal vulvovaginitis. D. Purulent discharge is noted in gonorrhea. Vaginitis is covered as part of the NCCPA Reproductive System Content Blueprint and accounts for 8% of the exam 7. A 63-year-old female presents with a complaint of chest pressure for one hour noticed upon awakening. She admits to associated nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath. 12 lead EKG reveals ST-segment elevation in leads II, III, and AVF. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? A. Aortic dissection B. Inferior wall myocardial infarction C. Acute pericarditis D. Pulmonary embolus Click here to see the answer Answer: B. Inferior wall myocardial infarction Myocardial infarction often presents with chest pressure and associated nausea and vomiting. ST-segment elevation in leads II, III, and AVF are classic findings seen in acute inferior wall myocardial infarction. A. A patient with aortic dissection will complain of tearing, ripping pain. EKG is often normal but may reveal left ventricular strain pattern. C. Acute pericarditis presents with atypical chest pain and diffuse ST-segment elevation. D. Pulmonary embolism often presents with either no EKG changes or sinus tachycardia. Classically described, rarely seen findings include a large S wave in lead I, a Q wave with T wave inversion in lead III, ST-segment depression in lead II, T wave inversion in leads V1-V4 and a transient right bundle branch block. Acute myocardial infarction is covered as part of the NCCPA Cardiology Content Blueprint and accounts for 16% of the exam 8. Small grayish vesicles and punched-out ulcers in the posterior pharynx in a child with pharyngitis is representative of which organism? A. Epstein-Barr virus B. Group C Streptococcus C. Coxsackievirus D. Gonorrhea Click here to see the answer Answer:C. Coxsackievirus Coxsackievirus presents with small grayish vesicles and punched-out ulcers in the posterior pharynx. A. Epstein-Barr virus presents with enlarged tonsils with exudates and petechiae of the palate. B. Group C Streptococcus presents with a red pharynx and enlarged tonsils with a yellow, blood tinged exudates D. Neisseria gonorrhea of the pharynx may be asymptomatic Coxsackievirus is covered as part of the NCCPA Dermatology Content Blueprint which accounts for 5% of your exam. 9. Which of the following is the most appropriate management of acute psychosis in a patient with schizophrenia? A. Amitriptyline (Elavil) B. Risperidone (Risperdal) C. Lithium (Eskalith) D. Sertraline (Zoloft) Click here to see the answer Answer: B. Risperidone (Risperdal) There are numerous options used in the management of acute psychosis including benzodiazepines and antipsychotics such as haloperidol (first generation typical -antipsychotic), risperidone or aripiprazole (second Generation atypical antipsychotics). Antidepressants and lithium have no benefit in the treatment of acute psychosis. Schizophrenia is covered as part of the NCCPA psychiatry Content Blueprint which accounts for 6% of your exam. 10. A 25-year-old presents with pain in the proximal ulna after falling directly on the forearm. X-ray shows a fracture of the proximal 1/3rd of the ulna. There is an associated anterior radial head dislocation. What is the proper name for this condition? A. Galeazzi fracture B. Monteggia fracture C. Colles' fracture D. Smith fracture Click here to see the answer Answer: B. Monteggia fracture A Monteggia fracture is a fracture of the proximal ulna with anterior dislocation of the radial head. A. A Galeazzi fracture is a fracture along the length of the radius with an injury to the distal radioulnar joint. C. A Colles fracture is a fracture of the distal radius with dorsal displacement of the radial head. D. A Smith fracture is a fracture of the distal radius with a ventral displacement of the radial head. Monteggia fracture is covered as part of the NCCPA Musculoskeletal Content Blueprint which accounts for 10% of your exam. Looking for all the podcast episodes? This FREE series is limited to every other episode, you can download and enjoy the complete audio series by joiningThe PANCE and PANRE Exam Academy+ SMARTYPANCE I will bereleasing new episodes every few weeks. The Academy isdiscounted, so sign up now. Resources and Links From The Show My list of recommended PANCE and PANRE review books Download the FREEPANCE and PANRE Blueprint Checklist Get 20% of any Picmonic membership by using this link Sign up for the FREE daily PANCE and PANRE email series Join theSmarty PANCE NCCPA Content Blueprint Website + The PA Life Academy Members can take Emergency medicine EOR 1 (200 questions) and Emergency Medicine EOR 2 (184 questions) USE CODE PALIFE TO GET 10% OFF THE RUTGERS PANCE AND PANRE REVIEW COURSE This Podcast is also available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio for Android iTunes:The Audio PANCE AND PANRE Podcast iTunes Stitcher Radio:The Audio PANCE and PANRE Podcast Stitcher Download The Content Blueprint Checklist Follow this link to download your FREE copy of the Content Blueprint Checklist Print it up and start crossing out the topics you understand, marking the ones you don't and making notes of key terms you should remember. The PDF version is interactive and linked directly to the individual lessons on SMARTY PANCE. 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Reincarnation Is A Philosophical Idea - 1164 Words

Introduction: The purpose of this report is to make the audience aware about the strange yet intriguing superstition that is reincarnation. What Reincarnation Is Believed To Be: Reincarnation is a philosophical religious concept where the aftermath of a drastic, liberating biological death results in the soul being reborn into another body. The self explanatory Latin definition expressing the words entering the flesh again. Indians are one of the strong main believers of reincarnation whilst Christians are strictly against the believing of this practice. Recorded cases of reincarnation are between the ages of two and five years old and sometimes a questioning seven years at the oldest. Many people are impervious to the idea of a ‘soul’ because of how completely encased it is around around religious and dogma credulity. Some scientists quite confidently adhere that being able to consciously detach from the body and rehabilitating towards a new body does indeed happen. Scientists figure that it is a result from dramatic death experiences. Scientific Proof Of Existence: There is in fact hard evidence of soul existence and reincarnation. This is quite a large fact to a claim to, but reincarnation is indisputable and cannot be attributed to many explanations apart from chance being the most logical. But like lots of other situations we do not necessarily need hard copy proof to believe in something. For example, if the news was to tell us that there is a 65% chance that it willShow MoreRelatedHinduism And Taoism802 Words   |  4 PagesBuddhism and Hinduism. Another factor to keep in account are the people who founded these philosophical religions. In comparison, both Buddhism and Hinduism have a founder or a clear idolized figure unlike Taoism where its origin doesnt seem to link to one person or figure. How these religions spread through the silk road were different, buddhist monks used merchants to spread their ideologies and philosophical messages through wherever place they went. Since Buddhism reached lands all across southRead MoreSiddhartha b y Herman Hesse875 Words   |  4 Pagesdepending on the direction it takes. Because of the philosophical meaning of the river, if one understands it, they will achieve enlightenment. Vasudeva’s philosophical belief is that one must listen to the river for answers. The river provides one with knowledge without words. Siddhartha’s reward for listening to the river is that he will have a true understanding of reality. Event though Vasudeva told Siddhartha to listen to the river by his philosophical belief, Siddhartha achieved the meaning of realityRead MoreIs Life After Death Important?1000 Words   |  4 Pagesbeing a Hindu I want to believe in reincarnation but it is a topic which I am not convinced actually occurs. To an extent I believe something happens to us after we die, but are we reborn or do we start a new life, or do we continue living are very much puzzling ideas which I would like to figure out. My dialogue partner believes in the Hindu concept of reincarnation, which is where the soul returns to after death and starts a new life. When asked what does reincarnation actually means she describes itRead MoreReincarnation: Soul and Honest Life858 Words   |  4 PagesReincarnation written by: Sivan Kaplan grade: 10th score: 90% date: 16/2/97 Reincarnation is the belief that after death, ones soul keeps existing and is reborn another person or animal. It keeps reborning until it redeems itself. Then it returns to the temple of god, which the Buddhists call Nirvana - eternal tranquillity. Two of the many ancient tribes who believed in reincarnation are the Greeks and the Egyptians. Karma, the belief that our actionsRead MoreEssay about Hinduism1135 Words   |  5 Pageslife. The brilliant ancestors of present-day Indians explored the Truth behind our existence and gave several philosophies and theories to define the Truth. At the same time, they created a set of rules for good living on this earth. The philosophical concepts that Indians gave to mankind are eternal and constitute no religion by themselves. However, the rules for good or Dharmic living that they laid down constitute the Hindu religion. Sanatana Dharma does not have a starting point in historyRead MoreIs Reincarnation Believe That The Soul Never Dies?1450 Words   |  6 Pageswho believe in reincarnation believe that the soul never dies. Our soul continues to be reborn throughout time, possibly because the soul did not finish what they wanted, or needed to in their previous lives, before their body passed away. What the soul did in their initial life and their previous past lives reflects where they will be in their next life, which is known as the â€Å"Law of Karma.† Reincarnation is, â€Å"The eternal cycle of birth, suffering, death, and rebirth,† (â€Å"Reincarnation,† 2014). WhereRead MoreIs Reincarnation A Life After Death?1714 Words   |  7 Pagesand beliefs. One example being Reincarnation and the Christian belief. What is reincarnation? It is the rebirth of the soul, like playing a game and restarting it over to make different choices. Reincarnation is something that, some people can not simply accept is even a possibility. Even if it has been proven by a world know psychiatrist, Ian Stevenson, others still doubt that it is a possibility and will come up with things to oppose or deflect the idea. Reincarnation is one of many theories thatRead MoreWhat Is Reincarnation, Green Knight?1237 Words   |  5 Pages What is reincarnation, green knight (THESIS)Before we commence we need to garner more incontrovertible evidence that metempsychosis exists. But for the purpose of this essay I ought to elucidate metempsychosis through the diaphanous eyes of those who witnessed it, and the subtle dichotomies between the king Arthur myth and a myriad of other stories that has pervaded the minds of millions. One of the prevalent notion that a multitudinousRead MoreThe Concepts Of Hinduism And Buddhism1749 Words   |  7 Pagessoul. It can be related to form of atheism. The main concept in Hinduism is to break the karmic chain of rebirths, to break out of samsara and to connect with the Absolute. It is possible only through asceticism, self-denial and meditation. The basic idea of ​​Buddhism is a passage of life through the path between asceticism and pleasure, as they are two extremes. The outcome is a finding of middle way. It is mentioned as a Nirvana. In Hinduism, the whole amount of good and bad deeds in a previousRead MoreThe Epic Of The Ramayana887 Words   |  4 Pagesprincipals, and philosophical beliefs. This Indian heroic epic poem, comprises of approximately 24,000 verses, is mostly written using the sloka meter and is divided into 7 books, each containing 500 chapters. It provides a narrative allegory of Rama s life and other characters who have become fundamental people in Hinduism. They also express the responsibilities of people in relationships. Overall, the Ramayana presents Hindu teachings from ancient sage Hindus with philosophical concepts which

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Causes Of Teen Pregnancy - 1232 Words

As many people know, the world is far from perfect. Every country has their share of problems that plague the citizens. There is crime and violence everywhere, although it may not always be reported. The United States is no exception to this. They are number one for many issues. Among these is the U.S. has the highest teen pregnancy rates. The causes of teen pregnancy in the United States today include substance abuse; broken homes; changes in society; and poor sexual education. For the most part, substance abuse is a leading cause of teen pregnancy. Those who abuse substances like drugs and alcohol do not have the sharpest minds. Their judgement is clouded which prevents them from making the best decisions. They also usually do not think†¦show more content†¦As a result, the teen parents themselves may start using that substance to deal with the stress. Substance abuse mixed with a broken home can lead to very bad decisions on the teen’s part. Unfortunately, this problem is not easy to solve. On top of that, changes in the US society make these almost more acceptable in a way. The United States’ culture has changed dramatically with the arrival of the millennial generation. A person’s identity as a whole is being explored more in depth. Sexuality especially is being explored more and more now. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and so forth (LGBTQ+) community has come into the mainstream culture and is getting more attention. Due to these changes, teens are exploring more often to gain a better sense of who they are as a person. Unfortunately, the older generations are not viewing this change in a positive light. Subsequently, many religious communities are reminding teens that being sexually active is a taboo. For example, the Christian community believes it is a sin to have sex before marriage. For this reason, teens are rebelling more against their families. Drug and alcohol abuse seems to be happening more often now. This contributes to the number of broken homes. However, all these factors combined with others cause teen pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to look at this issue as a whole. That being said, the cultural changes should be taken into account by communityShow MoreRelatedCauses Of Teen Pregnancy978 Words   |  4 PagesSome reasons of Teen pregnancy are absent parenting, lack of knowledge, substance abuse, living in poverty and peer pressure. The number of teens between the ages of 14-19 has substantially decreased over the last few years. While it may be declining, we still need to look at the causes. While examining the causes of teen pregnancy, we can find new methods of preventing teen pregnancy. If there are different methods identified for preventing teen pregnancy than the number of teens can go down moreRead MoreCauses of Teen Pregnancy Essay1472 Words   |  6 PagesResearch shows that teen pregnancy is steadily decreasing. It has dropped more than 44% from 1991 to 2010(Write r); however, in my community it seems to be on the rise. It’s never a surprise to hear someone discussing about a new girl being pregnant. Pregnancy use to be a precious gift, but this generation is turning it into a new trend that they perceive to be as socially acceptable. I was raised to receive an education first, marry the love of my life, and then have children. Some people mayRead MoreCause and Effect of Teen Pregnancy1043 Words   |  4 PagesCause and effect of teen pregnancy Teenagers suffering health problems is high Many teenagers will try to hide the pregnancy from their parents and teachers, in doing this they do not get the initial medical attention required during the first months of pregnancy. It is estimated that 33% of teenage pregnancy fail to receive necessary prenatal care. The lack of prenatal care leads to increased risk of anemia, miscarriage, and high blood pressure to the teenager. Many teenagers will hide theirRead MoreTeen Pregnancy : Causes And Effects1929 Words   |  8 PagesTeen Pregnancy The rate of teenage pregnancies has decreased drastically since skyrocketing in the early decades. Teenagers today have shown an increased use of birth control and a slight increase in abstinence. To draw attention to the problem, people typically refer to it as ‘children having children,’ which is essentially the issue. If teens were to remain abstinent until they are completely ready, the issue would no longer be as relevant. In today s society, there are serious consequences thatRead MoreEssay about The Underlying Causes of Teen Pregnancy1363 Words   |  6 Pages Before successfully preventing teen pregnancies among teenage girls, there are many underlying causes and facts about the dilemma that must be first exposed. Children from homes run by teenage mothers have to face almost insurmountable obstacles in life. The incidents of depression and mental health problems, the lack of father figures, and the high rate of poverty often connected to children in homes run by teenage mothers put them at serious disadvantages when compared to children raised in nuclearRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Causes Serious Physical And Emotional Problems1369 Words   |  6 Pages Teen pregnancy causes serious physical and emotional problems for adolescent mothers, therefore there should be steps taken to prevent such things from happening. I have a close friend who got pregnant at the age of fifteen. It was a mega crisis for her and her baby. It caused a heartbreaking feud between my friend and her parents, as well as her schooling, leading her to drop out of high school. The emotional stress she gained was harming her body. The baby’s father wanted nothing to do with theRead More The Causes of Teen Pregnancy, Violence, and Drug Abuse Essay1075 Words   |  5 PagesThe Causes of Teen Pregnancy, Violence, and Drug Abuse The headlines proclaimed the controversial news: race, poverty, and single-parents were NOT the irrevocable harbingers of drug abuse, teen pregnancy, and violence. Instead, researchers were claiming that behaviors that parents and teens could influence -- such as problems at school and the amount of time spent hanging out with friends and the type of friends they chose -- could predict trouble. Some cynics speculated that thisRead MoreTeen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy1551 Words   |  7 PagesTeen pregnancy is something that affects over one million young teens in the United States. For some, these pregnancies are planned but 85% of these teens the pregnancy is unplanned. This can cause a lot of endless problems in the life of the teen and the newborn child. There are a lot of things that can cause an unplanned teen pregnancy, such as teens experimenting with sexual encounters at a young age. Another major cause is the lack of guidance due to guardians that are blind or do not want toRead MoreProblems with Teen Pregnancy in Oklahoma Essay1032 Words   |  5 PagesOklahoma has been ranked number two in teen birth rates according to a Tulsa World article. Teen pregnancy has always been a problem in America. More and more teens are becoming pregnant every day. Most of them can’t afford the expenses of birth control. Others do not know how to prevent it. Teen pr egnancy can also cause education problems with the teen. Teen moms are not mature enough to handle raising a kid. Many kids who have parents who were young when they had them are more than likely goingRead MoreTeen Pregnancy973 Words   |  4 PagesTeen Pregnancy Speech Teen pregnancy rates sky rocket every year. 560,000 teenage girls give birth each year. One sixth of all United States births are to teenage girls. Teen pregnancy rates are soaring and many teenage girls are impacted negatively because they are unable to fulfill the many responsibilities such as education and financial needs. Something needs to be done to decrease the teen pregnancy rates. None of you will argue that teen pregnancy rates aren’t high. And all agree something

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Automation Organizational Business Process â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Automation Organizational Business Process? Answer: Introduction Automation of organizational business processes either accounting, resource planning or others have become part of the business culture. This is largely fostered by the flexibility, affordability and the precision of these systems. However, it still proves to be a challenge to explain the integration of this system with existing organizational structures. For this reason, it is important to explore a practical implementation of such a system in a company that is already using them. This paper explores the use of the NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning system by the Emmas and Toms, a company that processes and packages fresh juice directly from the farmers without additives or any kind of preservatives. The choice of Emmas and Toms is based on my own preference of them for their desire to produce healthier foods for Australians. In addition, information on Emmas and Toms was readily available online. Emmas and Toms Pty Organizational Structure Emmas and Toms falls under the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) category of business. The most defining character of SMEs is their organizational structure. According to a paper published by Foundations of Management by Wioletta Mierzejewska titled Directions of Changes in Organizational Structures of SME - Results of Empirical Research, SMEs organizational structure is characterized by four dimensions. These dimensions are centralization, formalization, standardization, and configuration. Unlike the structure of big corporations where much effort is put on formalization and delegations of duties, SMEs show a structure where most, if not all functions, are carried out by the top most level of management. Additionally, documentations of most activities are not of paramount importance in an SME setting (Mierzejewska 2014). In return, the dimensions are reflected in the organizational structure of the SME companies. Figure (a) below shows a structural model of Emmas and Toms. The above diagram shows the three levels of management that are consolidated within the four characteristics of SMEs. At the very top is the top management team that comprises of the chief executive, the marketing director, and the chief financial manager. The middle level comprises of the production unit lead by the production managers which is directly managed by the top level management. The last one is the bottom level management and consists of the hands on department which include the customer relations and sales, accounting and human resource. This would be the classical structure of Emmas and Toms without the use of automation process. As simple as it is, this structure may result in a number of the problem to the small company. Operational Problems of the Structure With the structure such as the one depicted by a figure (a) above, Emmas and Toms is likely to face many operational problems. These problems include its rigidity to change with a new strategy. The same rigidity gives only allows the management focus on efficiency while failing to include a margin for error and, consequently, innovation due to a focus on efficiency. In addition, such a structure is also likely to prevent the necessary balance between autonomy and the need for control (Sisney 2013). Such problems although seem to be insignificant, they are likely to have a considerable effect on the performance of the company. Most Effective System Acquisition There are much software that can help Emmas and Toms automate its business process. Hence, this might prove a significant task settling down on the right system for an SME. The choice that lies among custom, commercial or enterprise resource planning software depends on several factors. Among them may be the companys business process, inventory size, organization size, the services offered, the employee base or even the growth goals of the organization (Epicor 2016). For instance, the best choice for Emmas and Toms would be a custom system. A custom system would be suitable because it will allow the company to tailor their needs to the specific activities they want to automate. For instance, since the company is still in its infant stages and only building a brand, it may feel that a face to face approach with its customers and potential customers is more suitable than an automated one and therefore choose to leave the automation of customer service from the system. A factor that wou ld be impacted most by the system choice, however, is likely to be the sale process. Sales Procedure Emmas and Toms business model is unique to their business. That is, they do an in house marketing. This starts with the sales team approaching different restaurants for a space in their refrigerators for marketing purposes (, 2017). If the people in that place like their product, then the owner of the restaurant will actuate a sales process. The first step will be to place an order with the sales team, this order is then processed by the accounting system in place where the order number is generated and the items are delivered to the customer. The flow chart in figure (b) below visualizes the sales process of the company. Control Problems In the process above, the automation process may result in some control problems. For example, it will be challenging for the company to change the order of the process. For instance, a scenario where the company decides to send a few discounted test products to a new client who will order through a call. Since the system will have to update the inventory, it will have to record the prices of the products ordered. This makes it difficult to control an automated system. However, such a problem can be eliminated by Emmas and Toms customizing their system to include such orders. NetSuite Adoption and Development NetSuite, the software that Emmas and Toms use, is an enterprise resource planning software that facilitates the automation of accounting and the human resource management of mid-sized companies. The system is integrated and real time. For Emmas and Toms NetSuite facilitates the function of the following business activities: Production Planning This involves management and automation of the production process from stocking raw materials to creating the inventory of the finished products. The automation system is connected to machines that process and package the juice. The amount of raw material used, processing time and overhead costs are automatically captured and recorded in the accounting section. Marketing and Sales The system records the sales made and synchronizes them with the inventory to ensure a timely and precise documentation. In addition, the system is linked to all major social media to allow the company create any digital advertisements on the go. The system may as well regularly recommend some of the marketing ideas for the company to implement. Material Management The system keeps a record of all the raw material used including the packaging material and the fruit material. A separate inventory is kept within the system which is synchronized with inventory to show the right ratios needed for production. The cost of these materials, as well as the best-optimized ratios, are suggested by the system. Inventory Management An inventory for every product, including raw materials and finished products is kept. These Inventories are synchronized with every process allowing the management to effectively reduce waste. The company as well tracks their waste which is used to feed cows and therefore another inventory for the waste is created. Finance and Accounting The system keeps all the books of accounting the company needs. These books are constantly synchronized with the cloud data. The system as well manages the salaries of employees as well as all the other costs the company may incur. The system generates automatic budgets and may suggest possible adjustment that would optimize profits. NetSuites Enterprise Resource Planning software is developed by NetSuite, Inc. an American company that specializes in cloud computing. Essentially, the system adopts the functions of almost all the mid-level and low-level management roles allowing a company to cut their employee base significantly (Anon, 2017). NetSuite Current Market Size Being a foreign company, NetSuite has a low market share locally standing at only 4% in Australia compared to 85% in the United States. However, it is the fastest growing business automation software locally (, 2017). NetSuite market share rose by more than 70 people I 2016 alone. At that rate, it stands a chance to beat the local MYOB (Mind Your Own Business). Although MYOB currently commands more than half of the market share, there are a number of factors that make NetSuite A preferable choice of MYOB (, 2017). One of these is the wide range of activities performed. NetSuite Competitive Advantage Although MYOB takes the biggest share of the market, its range of services is limited to Accounting. NetSuite is more than an accounting automation system. It includes manufacturing management and human resource management something that MYOB doesnt have. NetSuite as well prides itself in its simple to use set and interface. This makes the installation process painlessly easy. On the other hand, most of MYOB, like QuickBooks, requires an extensive training which may mean more expenses for a company. In addition, NetSuite may have the financial power to tap into a wider talent and technology sooner than MYOB hence likely to be superior. Challenges Facing Users Automated systems have some disadvantages that prove a challenge to most of the users. In most cases, challenges may be different from system to system due to the difference in which the system is designed. For instance, MYOB users fault its system for its complexity while QuickBooks feel their system does not have a comprehensive automation of processes. However, there are some challenges that are faced by every user of any automation system. The most obvious challenge that would face users using NetSuite or any other automated system is the power to control the flow of the processes. Accounting software is designed to follow a certain order of activities. However, sometime during a sale, a fault in delivery or order processing may require that a step is skipped. This would require the control of the system. However, in most cases, this control is not possible forcing a process to be allowed to finish till the end or call for its entire cancellation. A possible recommendation to cor rect this would be t allow for both manual automatic processes. This would ensure that whenever necessary, the system can be user controlled. Another challenge is the need for power. In a case where there is no electricity, such system becomes useless and inaccessible. This can prove to be a challenge, especially where a company that has automated system needs to carry out business in areas that are not connected to electricity. Similarly, in the face of a storm, where the power lines are cut off and may take days before restoration, such system may prove to be of no use. However, automatic synchronization and power backups using generators and solar systems can mitigate the such a risk by providing a short term solution to power. To conclude, it is important to note that Automation systems are playing an important role in cutting the size of the employees a company may have. This is especially beneficial to small sized companies since it helps them cut unnecessary costs. In addition, the accuracy that accounting systems have is precise and their errors will, in most cases, only be based on the original entries by the user of the system. Automated systems as well allow business to grow with little or no additional infrastructure and human capital. This makes automation systems ideal for most companies. However, these systems have as well their disadvantages which include the challenge the management of a company may face in case it may want to control the flow of the process. However, the advantages of these systems outshine their disadvantages which make them ideal for many companies. References Anon, (2017). [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Sep. 2017]. (2017).Emma Tom's Look After Yourself | The Best Fruit Juice you'll Taste by far. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Sep. 2017]. Epicor 2016, 'Choosing the Right ERP System to Support Your Business Growth Plans', Newspaper, Penton Media, Inc, Cleveland. Mierzejewska, W 2014, 'Directions of Changes in Organizational Structures of SME - Results of Empirical Research', Foundations of Management, vol 6, no. 3, pp. 83-92. Sisney, L 2013, Organizational Physics - The Science of Growing a Business, 1st edn, Elaine Johnson, Santa Barbara. (2017). NetSuite Customers and Market Share. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Sep. 2017].

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Social Relationships in Childhood

The children, who lack healthy, primary relationships, are likely to suffer from social problems in life. According to Berk (2009), the lack of sensitivity towards a child, by primary caregiver promotes the occurrence of problematic behavior patterns later in life. The failure to build effective relationship with a child disrupts security attachment; hence enhancing the occurrence of insecure, disoriented or disorganized behavior.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Social Relationships in Childhood specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The caregiver should be sensitivity to the needs of a child and offer effective response that matches the child’s emotional state. It is important for caregivers to be sensitive to the child needs and responds effectively in emotional sense in order to promote proper development of attachment security. Furthermore, parents need to demonstrate consistent reaction to children actions in order to avoid arousing fear and uncertainty, which are predicator of problematic social behaviors, later in life. The most effective strategy for helping a child who has had insecure relationship with parents, to develop health social behavior, is the application interactional synchrony during communication. According to Berk (2009), interactional synchrony is a sensitive mode of response to child’s signals. It involves timely and effectively matching the child’s emotional state. It includes face-to-face play as well as warm and sensitive handling of the child in manner that matches the emotional cues given by the infant. It enhances the child’s control and coordination of emotions, which in turn promotes the development of appropriate social behaviors. Reference Berk, L. E. (2009). Child Development. Boston, MA: Ally Bacon, and Pearson Custom Publishing, pp.420-434 and 564-572. This essay on Social Relationships in Childhood was written and submitted by user Ainsley Avery to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Meaning and Origin of the Surname Chavez

Meaning and Origin of the Surname Chavez Chaves is an ancient Portuguese surname that literally means keys, from the Portuguese Chaves  and Spanish laves (Latin  clavis). Often an occupational surname was given to someone who made keys for a living. Chavez is also an alternate spelling of the Chaves surname, which in Portugal was often a  habitational name from the town of Chaves, Tras-os-Montes, from the Latin acquis Flaviis, meaning [at the] waters of Flavius.   Chavez is the 22nd most common Hispanic surname. Surname Origin:  Spanish, Portuguese Alternate Surname Spellings:  CHAVEZ Famous People With the Surname Cesar Chavez: American civil rights leaderHugo Chavez: President of VenezuelaNicole Chavez: Hollywood celebrity stylist Where in the World Do People With the Surname Live? According to surname distribution data from  Forebears, Chaves is the 358th most common surname in the world- found most commonly in Mexico, with the highest density of the surname present in Peru. Chavez is also a common last name in Bolivia, where it ranks 18th most popular in the nation, as well as Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Philippines, Honduras, and Nicaragua.  WorldNames PublicProfiler  also has the surname as most common in Argentina, especially Northwest and Gran Chaco, as well as New Mexico in the United States, and southwest Spain (Andalucia and Extremadura provinces). Genealogy Resources for the Surname CHAVES Family DNA ProjectA Y-DNA project focused on family and genetic relationships between the various Chaves families around the world. This includes the Chavez and Caceres surnames of Spain. Chavez Family Crest - Its Not What You ThinkContrary to what you may hear, there is no such thing as a Chavez family crest or coat of arms for the Chavez surname.  Coats of arms are granted to individuals, not families, and may rightfully be used only by the uninterrupted male-line descendants of the person to whom the coat of arms was originally granted. Source: Cottle, Basil.  Penguin Dictionary of Surnames. Baltimore, MD: Penguin Books, 1967. Dorward, David.  Scottish Surnames. Collins Celtic (Pocket edition), 1998. Fucilla, Joseph.  Our Italian Surnames. Genealogical Publishing Company, 2003. Hanks, Patrick, and Flavia Hodges.  A Dictionary of Surnames. Oxford University Press, 1989. Hanks, Patrick.  Dictionary of American Family Names. Oxford University Press, 2003. Reaney, P.H.  A Dictionary of English Surnames. Oxford University Press, 1997. Smith, Elsdon C.  American Surnames. Genealogical Publishing Company, 1997.

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Service Request - HR Systems PT.2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Service Request - HR Systems PT.2 - Essay Example They can be a presentation done in the data flow diagrams, DFD and their processes. DFD's design allows increasing level of details with each level where they further divide into sub-process until they reach an indivisible sub process. Service Request system will cater for both the employee of the company and visitors who will be visiting the company website. The process design will have two components in which, one will have employee’s data and can only be accessible by the employees through security details. (Szalapaj, 2005) The second will be open to the visitors and the customer for a service request from the company and those gathering information about the company, its services and products but are not in a state of placing order now. The human resource department will be the general administrator of the system to assign the employee tasks of seeing through the customer request have been the fulfillment. This is the manager’s task who is also an employee of the co mpany. His responsibility includes managing the whole information system, talk with clients, and look into sales, the accounting. Architecture of this service request system application incorporates both server/client and internet/intranet technology. Professionals in Human resource department will access the system to HR on-line through the web-based service and client/server for human resource functions. By up grading of the HRSR application mostly provides pure internet architecture more stable environment for operation. Added advantage for this is allowing the client or service requester access the application without installing since it is on their web browser. The system should have the capability to merge HRM processes and activities with the information technology field. (Rosenblatt, 2011) This is where data programming process involves the system into standardized routines and packages of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ERP systems software has features of coll ecting information from different applications into one universal database. This is an added advantage since linkage of human resource modules through one database makes the system application both flexible and rigid. Highest level of security is a primary advantage of the upgrading of the application. Service request system should remain as a protected application that they afford to it. Introduction of registering or signing up for the accounts, for the purpose accessing system. The upgrading of the system should result to the collection of any new data and the third party would not be in a position to access any new services. The goal of the system should be to deliver service to the customer and the employee that is more efficient, faster and enhances the credibility of the system. Providing customer and employees, with a mechanism of viewing and updating their own personal information. The goal of service delivery leads to its attainment. The system security administrator will trace system changes to individual system users. Limiting access is a security measure where employees with computerized personnel records do not perform the same functions as their peers. This helps in audit trails and internal security (Accounting: smart Pros: Payroll and security: A Great combination.) The system architecture should have the capability to keep track of the employee information as personal informat